"Bill Dutton was determined to find us the perfect condo in the Palm Desert Area. He accomplished this with the highest degree of professionalism and hard work. He gave us insight into the properties and within a short period of time, found us the perfect condo on a beautiful property, at a great price. His attention to detail and follow-up made the purchase extremely pleasant. All of the paperwork and details were handled quickly and efficiently. He is the best! I would never sell or buy another property unless Bill Dutton was taking care of us." - Simon and Deborah Rothhouse

"Bill, we want to thank you for all that you've done for us in the past 4 months. You helped us a lot and were always there when we needed you. We are happy Yvonne referred you and happy we made a new friend. We are looking forward to good times and plenty of BBQs in our new home with you and Jeff. Thank you!" - Art and Pam Carrillo

"We met Bill on one of listings about a year ago, and what struck us about him was his honesty and candor about his profession. He is a wealth of information beyond the realm of Real Estate. He can give advice about landscaping, construction, lighting, etc. He is a one man band! We must have looked at a hundred houses even when our apartment in NY had not been sold yet. He tirelessly showed us houses and the best thing about Bill was the he will be the first to tell you if the home is worth what it is listed for, or worth zilch. He gave us suggestions on how to improve it, add this, take this out, this is ugly, all in consideration of what our needs were. Bill in not a "yes" man, which I think in this profession, is important because you hire someone for his expertise. He can be blunt a lot of times which I like. He is extremely patient and you can tell that he enjoys going to open houses as much as his clients do. I went into every house and wanted to buy it, but he held my hand and said "there are more houses out there to see". In the end, Bill Dutton will find you the right house for the right price and he will fight for it for YOU!" - Dan Curtis and Niki Sandoval-Curtis

"I have known Bill Dutton, having worked with him and becoming a close personal friend, and find him on of the most caring and diligent people I have met. When given a task, Bill is like a dog with a bone. He won't stop until he has gotten every piece of meat and marrow out of that bone. This is the type of person that you want working with you. Bill is always the consummate professional and once you become part of his family there isn't anything that Bill wouldn't do for you." - Eileen Ross

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill Dutton personally as well as professionally since 1998. One of the attributes that separates Bill from his contemporaries is his sincere empathy and compassion for his friends and clients alike. He has a terrific work ethic and many times he will not go by a clock or calendar, but will work tirelessly until the job is done. I have also worked with Bill in the Travel Industry. Bill has many years of experience in all aspects of travel, and to this day still services his old clients. Regarding the Real Estate business, I have witnessed Bill's tenacity in working with some very challenging transactions that he has successfully closed in the past few years. I myself have had a real estate license since 1989, and feel that Bill would be a welcome addition to any top notch firm in the field. In my opinion, a Real Estate professional is one who will look at the big picture and will still sweat the little details to produce an outcome satisfactory to the clients end result. Bill Dutton is this kind of Real Estate professional." - Stephen A. Solomon

"We were just starting to think about buying a vacation house in the valley when we me Bill, quite by chance, at an open house in Cathedral City. We hit it off immediately! The next day, Bill took us around to give us an idea of what was available and the price ranges. After some thought, we came back to the valley for some serious looking. Bill took us to dozens and dozens of houses in Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert. Our three-day whirlwind search was exhausting. Bill handled this with humor, considerable knowledge and professionalism. We finally decided on a house in Palm Springs. Bill guided us through the process every step of the way. Just before closing, we hit a snag with the sellers. Bill was there for us, making sure we were treated fairly, and the situation was rectified. We cannot say enough good things about Bill. We will recommend him to all our friends looking for Real Estate in the valley." - Sheryl and Judy